About us

About Us

Brief presentation containing short historical flashback on the PANCYPRIAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION(PVA):

Our association was established in 1978 aiming to unify all the vets of the island of Cyprus into one entity. This entity would eventually become the administrative, scientific and international instrument of the Cypriot vets. The PANCYPRIAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION had started with 28 members and nowadays it is consisted of 258 members, of which some are employed in the government sector and some in the private. In the private sector there are 68 private clinics of which 80% deal only with companion animals, while the remaining 20% deals with both, producing animals and pets.  Most of the private clinics are fully equipped with x-ray machines with anesthetic machines, ultrasounds, fully equipped surgical rooms, etc. Activities of our association:

  • Following the European instructions for the life training, the PANCYPRIAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION organizes on annual basis 2days educational congresses, inviting professors and educators from abroad.
  • Furthermore, our association organizes one-day courses with practical lessons and workshops.
    PANCYPRIAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION participates actively in whatever concerns the promotion and security of animal health and welfare.
  • in every provincial committee of animal welfare our organization participates actively.
  •  Organizes and participates in programs of sterilization of stray dogs and cats.
  •  Once a year free sterilizations are granted on stray animals.
  •  After an official decision of PANCYPRIAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION the private vets offer their services to the stray animals (welfare animal organizations) with a discount of 40%.
  •  When it comes to public health matters seminars and lectures are organized.
  •  Supporting the effort of promoting the veterinary profession, PANCYPRIAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION participates every year with its own stand in the annual exhibition of professions for young persons and organizes lecturers for the veterinary profession. As a sign of recognition many International Veterinary Associations accepted us to become their members, so now we are members of :
    •  W.V.A. (World Veterinary Association)
    •  F.V.E. (Federation of Veterinarians of Europe)
    •  Commonwealth Veterinary Association
    •  Euro
    • Arab Veterinary Association
    •  BA.SE.VA (Balkanian Veterinary Association)
    •  RCVS (Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons)
  •  FECAVA (The Federation of European Companion  Animal Veterinary Association) Our future aim is :
    •  First of all to become a member of FECAVA
    •  To increase even more the income funds so that we can built our own premises.
    •  To expand our activities world-wide.
    •  To organize for our members a dental congress sometime during Autumn of this year.
    •  To start preparations for the forthcoming Pancyprian Veterinary Congress.