Recommended guidelines on the operation of veterinary clinics in Cyprus due to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Following the official decree issued by the Minister of Health regarding the extreme measures taken to avoid spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Veterinary Board of Cyprus and the Pancyprian Veterinary Association, issues this reccomendation guidelines regarding the operation of veterinary clinics in Cyprus. Firstly, we would like to point out that veterinary Clinics are essential for the healthcare of animals and their operation is not suspended. Despite that, amendments regarding the operation status should be applied as follows:

Recommendations for the operation of Veterinary Clinics

Starting from today 24/03/2020 at 18:00 until 13 April at 06:00, Veterinary Clinics will only work to deal with emergencies and specific veterinary acts, following prior telephone consultation with your veterinarian. Visits should be limited to what is strictly necessary in such a way to comply with the instructions of the Ministry of Health (restriction of movements, 1 customer per 8 square meters of useful area of the waiting area). Where possible, animals should not accompany their guardians and if that is necessary, the rule of one guardian per pet, should be applied. Clinic staff, should be limited to the minimun possible (safety personnel only). Doors should be closed for public and all clinics should not operate for activities not listed below. Safety, antiseptic and disinfection measures of the premises, equipment and surfaces should always be adhered to.

Necessary veterinary acts to be carried out (always after consultation with your veterinarian):

  • Vaccination of only vulnerable groups of animals, i.e. puppies or kittens (annual booster vaccinations in adult animals should be suspended until the measures imposed by the decree of the Minister of Health, are withdrawn);
  • Examination of animals with symptoms of any condition, always after telephone assessment of the severity of the condition by your Veterinarian (e.g. chronic vomiting or diarrhea that is not addressed by dietary measures, etc.);
  • Carrying out surgeries involving emergency situations or deemed necessary at the discretion of the veterinarian;
  • Other diagnostic tests required to be carried out as part of a treatment of a pathological condition (e.g. imaging tests, blood tests, ultrasound, endoscopy, etc.);
  • Administration and sale of veterinary medicinal products where necessary (e.g. deworming and defleaing, etc);
  • Animal feed and pharmaceutical clinical nutrition diets;
  • In cases of house visits, we recommend that this movements should be restricted to those necessary and should comply with the above recommended directives for the veterinary clinics.

***All activities that are not included or mentioned above, are suspended until the decree is withdrawn (e.g. grooming, nail cutting etc).

In addition, we advise animal guardians to follow the directions announced by Cyprus government either by sending an SMS to the special number announced, or by filling out the required form, as directed.

These extreme measures are to protect all of us.

Stay home, stay safe, be responsible and spend time with your family and your pets.


Cyprus Veterinary Board

Pancyprian Veterinary Association

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